About us

Men's branded silk ties, available in mixes of different colors, designs and brands.

A large selection of extra long silk ties always available.

Men's free style bow ties, available in a mix of designs and colors.

Novelty ties, available by theme in men's and boys.

Silk college ties available by color.

Men's clip on ties, available in a mix of colors and designs.

Zipper ties, available in men's regular and extra log sizes, in mixes of different colors, designs and blends.

Solid satin ties available by color, with or without matching hankies.

Men's leather wallets; available in black and brown, bi-fold and tri-fold.

Please note: All of our item mixes change frequently. When you order from us you may or may not get any of the designs on this web page, but you do get similar designs and colors and the same quality and style.
Pictures on this web page are for illustration purposes only.
 In our branded silk ties; brands also change from time to time.
We do work with you and do all we can to ship you mixes of designs and colors you request for your current market needs.
Ties all the same for groups available... Please contact us with your request and we will email you pictures of what is available.

We have low priced promotions and specials going on all the time. Please contact us for more details.

All credit cards accepted, terms also available.